Hickory NC Things To Do With Your Family

After looking into many of the attractions in Hickory, North Carolina, I can tell you that it would make for a great vacation destination. It doesn’t feature all the glitz and glamour of the big cities, but it is a true gem of a place in the Tar Heel state. Are you a baseball fan? That’s where we are heading first as we look at some of the top attractions that Hickory NC has to offer.

It is time to watch the Hickory Crawdads at LP Frans Stadium. The stadium is located at 2500 Clement Boulevard NW, and you know a minor league baseball game sounds like a lot of fun. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, this would be a great outing. Minor league baseball is a cultural staple in America, and you can get great seats for cheap. Family fun, a fireworks show and ballpark food await you. It’s time to enjoy a hot dog and catch the game.

Hickory Antiques Mall would be interesting to visit, and who knows what all you will find there. Its location is 348 US Highway 70 SW, and reviews say that the prices of the antiques found there are reasonable. That certainly makes antique shopping more fun. You don’t want to visit a place where everything is marked up to the moon. Not only are the prices good, but people say there is also quite a lot to see there.

You might want to check out the walking tour that is available in Hickory, too. It’s the Hunger Games Unofficial Fan Tour, and it’s quite the treat. You’re familiar with The District in the first Hunger Games film, right? Those are the scenes that were shot on location in Hickory. You can’t beat a tour like this if you are a Hunger Games fan. The Hunger Games Unofficial Fan Tour is found at 4280 Henry River Road at the Henry River Mill Village. It may be unofficial, but it certainly sounds official and very interesting indeed.

Those top places to visit in the city of Hickory are going to be fun. I would still start with the minor league baseball game. Combine that with the Hunger Games tour, and you have a family outing that the kids will love. You have all kinds of other great choices for things to do in Hickory NC, too, so get to planning your vacation.